He will publicly don the
feminist’s hat and make you vehemently
believe that he’s the torchbearer of
all the justice and righteousness
pervasive in this world.
In the guise of this utmost demeanour
he will crouch on his actions.
He harps, or rather preaches
a bit too much, and more than
often forgets the age old adage
”actions speak louder than words”;
for his words make up for his value-system
of self-concocted conceit- a prerequisite
for social acclaim and gratification.
He becomes an imperative instrument
(or rather source?)
of empowerment by guiding and
eventually granting his women
the prerogatives.
He indeed is a new age feminist
and in that endevour, never intrudes
unnecessarily (and only “guides”)
in decision-making; instead manoeuvres
through his gradual clutch on
their emotions.
He embarks on disentangling
other lives around him; forsaking the
bedlam in his own mind and life.
But most importantly, he says
the ‘right’ things and ends
up being always right.


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