My lover’s girlfriend


I wished long enough
to see it only as a
fallacy or a half-truth
or may be a half-lie
But it wasn’t as simple
as a usual perception and
as complex as most truths;
Just a miscalibrated
phenomenon of unsolicited
feelings and desires-
or rather everything
that sent me off
to obscure places


Encounters were swamped
in conversations interrupted
by surreptitious observations-
long tresses, atleast longer
than mine that fell on her
one shoulder, her wide
eyes heedfully rolling
in consonance with my
scruple syllables and
ingenuous grins springing
from her piquant phrases
followed by a flummoxing
mental shift- an elevation
past her womanly abode-
something that had
amusingly gripped me
in anxiety of everything
that a love is supposed
to be or not be;
for the mind didn’t know
well enough of what
dwelled in the heart


And as much as I wished
for her non-existence in
the life that I shared with
my lover, I discreetly
wished nurturing the
affinity of our unsought
encounters- probably
an offering only in
some alternate universe


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