There is so much in me of you,
that I will always be with you,
even though my present reality
jolts me with your absence
my mind which is brimming of you
will bring me thoughts that
wan sustain me without you
But how will you do without me?

I have my words, harbinger of solace
words that lead me to you
I will make my words meet with you
and nonchalantly gaze at their endearing romance
My words alien to prejudice
and treachery (unlike yours),
only manifest the best out of you
My love for you can count on my words,
But what will you count on?
How will you do without me?

You know I carry you everywhere I go,
an obstinate fragment of my mental reality
Next time when I will visit the mighty sea
and those staunch mountains,
and run into those trees and alleys
forever accompanied by the unwavering moonlight
None of them will question the physical
absence of my amour (in disguise),
instead will seek a refuge on my
self-constructed imagery
But what will you answer them?
How will you appease them?
How will you do without me?

My words will always find a way
to these pages, to different people
I will continue curating words for my
poetry that will reach my people-
family, friends and foes, friend’s lovers,
lover’s lover and like
as petty gifts, indelible souvenirs
or mere obligatory assignments
But who will write for you,
dedicate all those glorious words
into hymns of your adulation?
How will you do without me?

Love of all sorts will cross your path
but the love and kinship that you
long for, by that time,
will have lost its way to you
The very love that you seek to
unshackle yourself from your
own excruciating soul
and my hapless self, till then,
would have been transported to
an alternate universe, unable
to hear your mourning
There, you will lose
all rights on me
then, how will you do without me?


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